Abilene Football Chapter

Hall of Honor

Texas Association of Sports Officials

        2006                   2007
James "Curly" Hays*  Garvin Beecham*
Max Warford* Oris Greever*
Roy Hudson*  Dean Henninger
Bob Stone*     David Josslet*
James "Moose" Stovall*   Will Klump*
Jerome Vannoy*
W.D. "Shorty" Lawson*
Don Bridges
Ray Hudson*
Bill Voss

       2008                    2009
Bob Burton*   Mike "Cowboy" Akins
Ray Oden Kerry Frazier
A.C. Sharp     Lynn Lawhon
   David Todd

      2010                    2011
Kevin Massey*     Larry Jordan
   Don Morran
   Chuck Hudson

      2012                    2013
Sonny Dick     Eddie Asbill
Joe Hawkins   Steve Smith

2014   2015
Van Newberry  Larry Coe
J Rowland*      Mark Morrow
    Jim Musler

Terry Merck    
Gary Vest  

  * Deceased
The Hall of Honor recognizes those officials whose performance on and off the field has reflected credit upon themselves and the Abilene Chapter, and whose dedication to the sport of football has resulted in the improvement of officiating in the Abilene Chapter and the State of Texas.